Time Flies!

Time Flies! 100 Years of Civil Aviation in Australia

Australia’s first Air Navigation Act came into force on the 28th March 1921. To mark this centenary the Heritage of the Air Research Project is developing a travelling exhibition kit called Time Flies! This kit will include resources that communities can use to participate in this national centenary and to showcase your local aviation heritage. We ask the question ‘how has aviation changed life in your community?’, exploring how work, communications, community services, family connections, travel and holidays have been changed by aviation and what special stories about these changes emerge from local aviation heritage.

Do you have an aviation story?

To develop the content around the exhibition we are now seeking submissions of stories/images regarding civil aviation. These may be featured on travelling banners, via a digital exhibition or on our Heritage of the Air social media channels. We are seeking crowdsourced stories to present a unique social history of aviation. We are looking for objects or collection items that you think represent or tell a story about Australian aviation- stories that are perhaps hidden, quirky, about ordinary people, and not widely known. You may even like to share your own personal story about aviation! Surprise us!

Share your aviation stories!

We have set up an online form to start the crowdsourcing process and would love to have your contribution. You are able to submit an image + a story (we need this to contextualise any contribution selected for the exhibit). You may submit images/audio recordings and even archival footage! Another category in the submission form is a ‘mystery object’. If you happen to have an image or object related to aviation that remains a mystery or its purpose is unknown we are interested in sharing to see if we can find out more.

If you have specific questions please email Time Flies!

Submit Your Aviation Story

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